SciPy Cookbook

This is the “SciPy Cookbook” — a collection of various user-contributed recipes, which once lived under Note that some are fairly old (2005–2009), and may not be as relevant today. If you want to contribute additions/corrections, see the the SciPy-CookBook repository.

Matplotlib / Embedding Plots in Apps

Embedding In Wx Matplotlib: pyside Matplotlib: scrolling plot

Mayavi / TVTK

Mayabi: mlab Mayavi tvtk

Numpy & Scipy / Advanced topics

Views versus copies in NumPy

Numpy & Scipy / Linear Algebra

Rank and nullspace of a matrix

Numpy & Scipy / Matplotlib


Numpy & Scipy / Root finding

Function intersections Spherical Bessel Zeros

Scientific GUIs

wxPython dialogs